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Pole Groove

Pole Groove  is a fitness based pole dance class. If you’d like toned arms, legs and abs but hate the gym –this is the class for you. 
Pole Groove uses the benefits gained from Pole Dancing to create toned arms and abs and legs and increase stamina and flexibility in a fun fitness based class. 

Pole dancing is a fantastic way of exercising;

  • It tones and strengthens your whole body and is loads of fun!

  • Pole dancing builds your strength, develops your co-ordination and cardiovascular stamina

  • You’ll tone up your arm, abs and leg muscles and burn about 300 calories a class

  • In fact it’s a whole body workout that will also give you a huge amount of enjoyment.


What happens in a class?

  • There’s a basic warm up and stretch
  • You’ll then learn new pole moves, spins and pole tricks
  • You’ll practice these on the pole trying to combine them together
  • Then you’ll put a number of the spins you know together with some dance moves round the pole together into a routine.

Class size

  • When I first started out attending classes I became very frustrated that the classes I attended packed in around 6 ladies per pole (we were paying £20 for an hour and a half class!).  As a result you got less practice on the pole and didn’t see the benefits of the class in terms of fitness or ability
  • I decided to limit my numbers to 3 per pole to enable participants to practice moves sufficiently to be able to achieve them and get a workout
  • Any less than 3 to a pole and it is difficult for the ladies to get through an hour class as there isn’t sufficient time to rest and they soon become exhausted!

Class Levels

  • My classes are all mixed ability levels
  • I group ladies of a similar ability on poles together and they get to practice move together and help each other

Class Students

  • There is no typical student, our students are from all walks of life and include all ages, shapes, and sizes. Pole groove classes are designed to fit people of all levels of experience and fitness.

Class format

  • Similar to a fitness class we will warm up then practice some old and new moves and finally put these together into a routine, then its a cool down and stretch


Fitness requirements

  • There is no minimum fitness level or age limits
  • The class is about building specific strength to be able to perform the moves and spins correctly and with grace.  Practicing the moves builds your strength and you become toned as a result
  • Everyone is in the same position to start with as you need to build your strength and muscles specifically to perform pole moves
  • You also need to learn coordination ie where and how to hold the pole, which legs to lift when and how much grip is needed etc ...

About us

The Instructor

As a qualified aerobics instructor Stephanie has taught in numerous local studios in Manchester and London for the past 20 years. In 2005 students from her Groove Fx dance class asked about pole dancing and as a result she organised 30 students to attend a taster session – She was hooked and began attending classes. After a break to have twins decided to take an instructor course and has never looked back.

I have a passion for pole dancing its something I wish I had taken up years ago! I love the sense of achievement when you master a new trick and there is always something new to learn. I absolutely love passing on my passion for pole dancing to my students. Some students pick moves up immediately but that’s not the case with me – I have to really work at it and make many mistakes on moves so can really help you to master them.’ Stephanie on pole dancing

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