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Book Reviews 50(4)


Book Reviews 50(2)


Book Reviews 49(4)

Book Reviews 49(2)


  • Book Reviews 48(2) (PDF)
    • Babits and Gandulla (editors): The Archaeology of French and Indian War Frontier Forts
      Kate Egner Gruber
    • Browman: Cultural Negotiations: The Role of Women in the Founding of Americanist Archaeology
      Kristen R. Fellows
    • Cipolla: Becoming Brothertown: Native American Ethnogenesis and Endurance in the Modern World
      Marshall Joseph Becker
    • Dalglish (editor): Archaeology, the Public and the Recent Past
      Helen Keremedjiev
    • Haendel (editor): Old Myths and New Approaches: Interpreting Ancient Religious Sites in Southeast Asia
      Alasdair Brooks
    • Hayes: Slavery Before Race: Europeans, Africans, and Indians at Long Island’s Sylvester Manor Plantation, 1651–1884
      Gaynell Stone
    • Hubka: Houses without Names: Architectural Nomenclature and the Classification of America’s Common Houses.
      Hayden F. Bassett
    • Kelso (editor): Archaeology of Early European Colonial Settlement in the Emerging Atlantic World.
      Shannon Dunn
    • Knappett (editor): Network Analysis in Archaeology: New Approaches to Regional Interaction
      Jamieson-Lee Scott
    • Morin: The Legacy of American Copper Smelting: Industrial Heritage versus Environmental Policy
      Maclaren North
    • Posnansky: Africa and Archaeology: Empowering an Expatriate Life
      Joanna Behrens
    • Piker: The Four Deaths of Acorn Whistler: Telling Stories in Colonial America
      Chris Espenshade
    • Richards and Seeb (editors): The Archaeology of Watercraft Abandonment
      Ronald Grayson
    • Rothschild: New York City Neighborhoods: The 18th Century
      Scott D. Stull
    • Staniforth (editor): Historical Perspectives on Preventive Conservation
      Owen W. Sutton
    • Sullivan and Mackay (editors): Archaeological Sites: Conservation and Management
      John M. Chenoweth
  • Book Reviews 48(4) (PDF)
    • Gibson: Ceramic Makers’ Marks
      Thomas E. Beaman, Jr.
    • Geier, Scott, and Babits (editors): From These Honored Dead: Historical Archaeology of the American Civil War
      Drew A. Gruber
    • Horning: Ireland in the Virginian Sea: Colonialism in the British Atlantic
      James G. Gibb
    • Lyttleton: The Jacobean Plantations in Seventeenth-Century Offaly: An Archaeology of a Changing World
      Luke J. Pecoraro
    • Mathers, Mitchem, and Haecker (editors): Native and Spanish New Worlds: Sixteenth-Century Entradas in the American Southwest and Southeast
      Tsim D. Schneider
    • Means (editor): Shovel Ready: Archaeology and Roosevelt’s New Deal for America
      David Gerald Orr

    • Mehler (editor): Historical Archaeology in Central Europe
      Craig Lukezic
    • Mitchell-Cook: A Sea of Misadventures: Shipwreck and Survival in Early America
      Heather Hatch
    • Murray: American Anthropology & Company: Historical Explorations
      Tom Flanigan
    • Peres (editor): Trends and Traditions in Southeastern Zooarchaeology
      T. Cregg Madrigal
    • Pope (editor) with Lewis-Simpson: Exploring Atlantic Transitions: Archaeologies of Transience and Permanence in New Found Lands
      Lynn L.M. Evans
    • Rice: Space-Time Perspectives on Early Colonial Moquegua
      S. Piddock
    • Stojanowski: Mission Cemeteries, Mission Peoples: Historical and Evolutionary Dimensions of Intracemetery Bioarchaeology in Spanish Florida
      Elizabeth Terese Newman
    • Thompson and Thomas (editors): Life among the Tides: Recent Archaeology on the Georgia Bight
      Tsim D. Schneider
    • Wetherington and Levine (editors): Battles and Massacres on the Southwestern Frontier: Historical and Archaeological Perspectives
      Smoke Pfeiffer